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Automotive Sales Desking


A customizable tool to revolutionize the sales cycle

Dealers who wish to increase gross while shortening the sales process will value this tool as it can calculate up to 32 fully disclosed payment options per customer with an infinite combination of down payments. Whether paying cash, leasing or financing, this tool maximizes gross profits by keeping the sales process on track.*AVAILABLE DMS INTEGRATION

Automotive Mobile Menu

Mobile Menu

Optimize your productivity from anywhere in the dealership

OptionSoft has revolutionized the F&I Menu to suit the needs of Automotive dealers. Our Automotive Mobile Menu enables you to perform key daily tasks away from your desk. While flexible enough to be used in the F&I office, this menu has been optimized to allow your customers to watch product videos or even create a custom product package for themselves.

Automotive Finance and Integration Menu

F&I Menu

Accelerate the sales process and maximize dealership profitability

Our fully compliant Automotive F&I Menu provides your dealership with the tools it needs to provide excellent customer centric features, allowing your F&I manager to customize the menu on the fly. For deals where one of the decision makers isn’t present, the entire menu can be emailed and discussed over the phone while the other buyer is in the office. Products can be rated and contracted within the menu and when integrated with many DMS systems, the entire deal can be saved to the DMS. *AVAILABLE DMS INTEGRATION

Automotive DMS Certified Reporting

Certified Reporting

Fuel your dealership's growth with advanced analytics

OptionSoft understands Automotive dealers have specific needs when it comes to leveraging data. Our Automotive Certified Reporting analyzes your production, profitability and performance in order to address any underlying challenges and find new growth opportunities. Gain real-time performance measurements across your entire dealership operation to instantly uncover hidden product trends and prioritize your most valuable market opportunities.*AVAILABLE DMS INTEGRATION

Automotive Service Sales Solution

Service Sales Solutions

The kind of aftermarket sales that boosts customer loyalty

Boost your dealership's aftermarket sales while building & maintaining customer loyalty. You'll gain access to aftermarket F&I rates and generate instant quotes to wow your customers with an opportunity to purchase eligible F&I products every time they come in for routine maintenance. *AVAILABLE DMS INTEGRATION

Automotive CSI Survey

CSI Survey

Guide strategic insights with customer-centric change

CSI is important on many levels. And now there is cash incentives that are hit or missed based on that CSI score. With our CSI Survey, you can create a survey to ask customers how they feel during the delivery process. Any negative or less than desirable response will create an automatic alert that is sent to all managers concerned. Imagine being able to fix any misunderstanding BEFORE the customer leaves the dealership rather than have them think about it until the factory survey arrives.

OptionSoft CRM

OptionSoft CRM

Boost your customer engagement and ensure measurable performance

OptionSoft is geared toward creating an efficient automotive sales platform that enables your dealership to transform more of your leads into customers. Our CRM effectively creates a strong relationship between you and your customers by keeping a complete record of their sales and service history as well as contact information, vehicles of interest, conversation notes. These records seamlessly translate into marketing campaigns, data mining, and enhanced sales performance.