Credit Unions

Bank on OptionSoft to empower lenders with unsurpassed efficiency and precision.
Credit Union Lender Menu


Enhance the customer experience by providing full service with speed and accuracy

The OptionSoft Lender Menu gives you the ability to offer your customers the right terms, rates and protective products with just a few clicks. Our innovative menu is easy to use, allowing lenders to e-contract products accurately, speed up the e-contracting process, and print all lender related paperwork.*Approved Symitar Integration Provider*

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Credit Union Lender Reporting


Prioritize your most valuable opportunities and discover what really influences your business performance

OptionSoft Lender Reports are robust and intuitive, empowering you to effectively manage your business and focus on strategic change. By collecting, analyzing, and visualizing your company's performance against the industry standard, you are able to prioritize your most valuable market opportunities, identify product trends, and adequately meet your customer needs. In addition, create a tailored digital reporting experience for every member on your team to align your company-wide goals.

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