The tools you need to drive your dealership forward

Dealer Management Finance Menu

F & I Menu

  • Maximize dealer profitability by accelerating the sales process
  • Customizable for each customer with just a few simple clicks
  • Maintains full compliancy so your company's integrity is never at risk
  • Ability to rate and contract products

Dealer Management Sales Desking

Sales Desking Tool

  • Standardizes the quoting process for finance, lease, and cash deals
  • Maintains the highest standard of compliance
  • Calculates up to 32 different lease and finance payment options
  • Optimize your deals with complete integration into the OptionSoft F & I menu
Dealer Management Mobile Menu

Mobile Menu

  • Allow your employees to perform key daily tasks from anywhere in your dealership
  • Present video demos of products for the customer to view
  • Create customized product packages with touch screen technology
  • Boost customer engagement with intuitive user experiences
Dealer Management Service Sales Solutions

Service Sales Solution

  • Increase service profitability through product sales
  • Establish customer loyalty by offering warrenties, pre-paid plans, and more
  • Target missed opportunities with multiple search criteria
  • Multiple product solutions available
Dealer Management Customer Survey

CSI Red Alert

  • Anaylze customer feedback in order to improve your customer service
  • Create custom group questionnaires for different deals and customer types
  • Increase your customer retention rate by identifing customer satisfaction trends
  • Precise Survey Data Comparisons to track selling statistics and trends
  • Complete survey results instantly sent to Fully Integrated Menu of the Finance Manager

Dealer Management Reporting

Certified Reporting

  • Real-time performance, profitability, and production measurements for all departments, sales staff, and F & I Professionals
  • Draw accurate information direct from DMS for a better understanding of your day-to-day operations
  • Export data with our one-click printer friendly feature, making it easier to produce professional, consistent reports in seconds
  • Templates available for critical reports to save and have calculated and sent automatically to key personnel
Dealer Management Training Portal

Training Portal

  • Create a custom-configured e-learning portal, with the leading online training software
  • Package courses into training tracks/learning paths
  • Large clients can design, record and store their own content (Password Protected)
  • Incorporate quizzes and certification exams to track and monitor your participants progress
Dealer Management Flex Rating

Flex Rating

  • Designed for dealers, agencies, and TPA's who want a custom payment function
  • Rate multiple products at the same time
  • Enables dealers to rate their own self-insured products
  • Change prices simply and efficiently for all users
Dealer Management Agent Portal

Agent Portal

  • Track everything from sales to remits for all agency dealerships
  • Monitor agent, dealer, and product performance
  • Detect any splitting of business
  • Determine product performance on an ongoing basis
  • Identify top producers as well as those needing additional training

OptionSoft CRM

OptionSoft CRM

  • Stay up-to-date by managing leads and sales right from your dashboard
  • Oversee all customer interactions to ensure employee effectiveness
  • Boost customer engagement via automated text and email messaging
  • Customize your tasks and reminders for every member on your team
Credit Union Lender Menu

Lender Menu

  • An integrated menu of services including electronic contracting, credit application processing, and credit bureau access
  • Provide financing programs for all levels of credit
  • Accelerate the financing process with operational efficiency
  • Dealer portals with robust capabilities to submit applications and work deals