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OptionSoft's next generation F&I menu

An immersive, cloud-based digital platform
Built-in interactive mobile menu
Completely reimagined user interface
Key Components

An All-In-One F&I Solution


Contract all your rated products at once with our quick and effortless contracting experience

Interactive Menu

With our built-in mobile menu capabilities, present all your products in a user-friendly, intuitive menu from anywhere on any device

DMS Integration

Seamless integration with dozens of the best providers

Multiple Payment Options

Show customers their payment breakdown and allow them to select from multiple payment options


Send, approve, and sign contracts from any device with OmniMenu's easy-to-use, legally binding eSignature tool

Single sign-on

No more juggling passwords. With SSO, your usernames and permissions are all managed from one place

Omnimenu Mobile device
Unparalleled Efficiency

Streamlined F&I Workflow

Seamless DMS integration with multiple providers
All-in-one eContracting
Remote transaction capabilities with multiple payment options
Powerful & Connected

Intuitive User Experience

Drag and drop your selected options to create one-of-a-kind packages to meet your customers' needs
Powerful filtering, searching, and sorting
Cross-platform responsivness
OmniMenu Mobile Menu
Engage Your Customers

Tailored Presentations

Customize presentations on the fly
Capture your customers’ attention with stunning presentations, e-brochures, and sales aids.
Personalize the experience and showcase their selected vehicle of interest

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